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I won’t go anywhere without my camera, so here are little snapshots into my life. Click on an album to get browsing! And if you haven’t already, be sure to check out my Instagram for more me-related pics.


East Cost of Australia

I spent 5 months travelling the east coast of Australia from January 2015 – oh how it feels so long ago now! Stopping off at Sydney, Byron Bay, Brisbane, Noosa, Whitsundays, Cairns… come and take a look at my journey.


I’ve just come to the end of my second season with Leeds Celtics Cheerleaders. I’m a member of the All Girl Level 2 team and Math Team. I also coach the Pom Team who got their first ever gold medal and status as National Champions this year – TWICE. Browse the snaps from our fab season!


Me and my two best friends ventured to Berlin in December 2016 for an end of uni, start of Christmas, why-the-hell-not break. This was my first proper sightseeing trip to Europe and I loved it. The beautiful architecture, Christmas vibe and (of course) great food (and beer) was enough to steal anyone’s heart.

Western Australia

After completing my trip up the East Coast of Australia, the West was calling.  Six weeks were spent in a place called Walpole about 6 hours south from Perth before we hired a camper and had a crazy two week adventure. And in my opinion? West is best.


Only a short drive from Leeds, York is a beautiful city right on my doorstep. A few visits were made last summer when I needed a quick change of scenery. Plus they do great fudge and ice cream (definitely worth the visit).

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