My Favourite Fitness Apps

It’s been a while since I’ve written a fitness related post (which may be due to my gym sessions not strictly going to schedule lately, shhhh...), but with it currently being the Easter break I’ve got a month uni-free and a chance to get back on track.

Despite my recent lack of gym days and imperfectly planned meals, my mobile phone has been constantly nudging me in the right direction. The direction I definitely want to be going in! But aside from the beeping notifications from my many-a-fitness apps making me tie up my hair and lace up my trainers, I don’t actually think I could complete my health and fitness goals without them now.

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20 Things University Has Taught Me

Having decided to decline my offer for a study abroad next year, today the sudden realisation hit me that my time at uni was almost over. Okay, not almost over, but I was already over halfway through. How could this be?!

As my end of second year creeps ever closer and the amount of catching up I need to do before my summer exams is becoming more evident, I thought to myself: What has university actually taught me? Because goddamn it it’s definitely not which drugs treat neurodegenerative diseases or how gastric acid secretion is regulated or the function of lactate dehydrogenase or anything else that I actually came here to learn.

The odd things university has taught me I can’t imagine having learnt anywhere else. And are somewhat unexpected. So here’s 20 things university has taught me so far:

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Should I stay or should I go?

After the lengthy application process and hours of googling and researching potential universities across the globe, my study abroad application was sent off and I waited tentatively to hear back.

This was months ago now. Since finding out I was accepted for the University of Western Australia in Perth (and if you’re debating going to Perth, definitely do it – you can find all about my road trip around WA here) I was filled with a feeling of both excitement, but dread. 

Was I really making the right decision? Should I accept my study abroad offer? Why was I even questioning it so much in the first place?

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Five Legitimate Hangover Remedies

It’s one week until tour!

“What’s tour?” I hear you ask. No, I’m not in some cool retro band travelling the globe (though that would be pretty cool). It’s sports tour time at uni, aka the funniest, drunkest, most ridiculous week of your life. Think girls holiday, but bigger and better.

Instead of you and your five best mates sauntering along the beach in your triangl bikinis catching a few rays before you hit the strip that night, think fifty girls. Think outrageous fancy dress. Think day drinking and games. Think punishment. You thought your sports team initiation was bad? Ha! Let’s just hope you’re not the last one to down you 2L bottle of cider your returner made you tape to your hand at 9am that morning.

And the best bit? Everyone’s just as crazy as you. Last year I witnessed a guy dressed as Jimmy Savile chase a guy dressed as a baby round the beach, my friend do our cheer routine in a banana costume and I came back to my hotel to find a drunk naked girl dressed as a troll doll asleep on my toilet. Tour is weird. But great. (But weird). 
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50 Random Facts About Me

I have been debating writing a post like this for a while, but a little voice has always been in the back of my mind erring me to not; would anyone really care to know random facts about me?

Well somehow I convinced myself that actually yes, yes they do.

One promise I made for my blog this year was to make my posts more personal. And what could be more personal than this? Probably nothing. The best thing about blogging is the community. I want to get to know you and engage with you and for you to know a smidge about me back.

I say a smidge… Having decided to sit down and write a list about me, before I knew it the facts were pouring out of my ears. Was it ten facts you were after? Twenty? Well, here’s a list of fifty.

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Easy Food Swaps For A Healthier You

Was your New Year Resolution to be fit as a fiddle and this time next year have the body of a Victoria’s Secret model? With January already in full swing you may be realising actually this dream is a lot further from reach than anticipated. Motivation is already flailing. Energy is lacking. And really can you be bothered to drag yourself out of bed at 6.30am for the 6th day in a row? Only 359 more days to go! Wahoo..?

Honestly, this first week back into healthy eating and an actual fitness regime after Christmas has been a toughie. This morning my quads and glutes were seriously aching from an intense leg day on Wednesday; the temptation to stay in bed and convince myself ‘I clearly need a rest, my legs ache too much’ was large. Yes, my legs did ache. But today was arms and abs so really this was an irrelevant excuse. So I picked myself up and hit the gym once more.

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A Guide To Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Throw it back to two years ago and I was an excitable nineteen year old packing my bags and researching everything I possibly could about Australia. I had a list as long as my arm of all the places I wanted to go, things I wanted to do and places I wanted to see; the prospect for adventure was exhilarating. I was going travelling.

From the eight months I spent in Australia (not nearly long enough), two months were spent with family living in Freshwater. Haven’t heard of it? Neither have most travellers. Freshwater is one of Sydney’s Northern Beaches, and I think they often go a miss.

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Get Your Health Back on Track

A New Year, a new start… right?

For me, this last week has been a non-stop cycle of all things cheese, chocolate and alcohol. In other words: Christmas. What else are the holidays for!

Unfortunately now all the festive fun is over, the pounds you’ve piled on the past fortnight are starting to dawn on you and the January blues are already in sight. The health and fitness goals you’ve been promising to set yourself in the New Year (primarily as an excuse to tuck into that extra tin of Quality Streets) seem a bit too far from reach. Why couldn’t Santa bring you a super speedy metabolism and incredible willpower?

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2016: A Year In Review

One more trip around the sun and it hasn’t it been an eventful one? 2016. The year to bring us Brexit, the election of Donald Trump, the Rio Olympics, the loss of George Michael, Mary Berry’s last Bake Off and the shooting of Harambe.


Beside everything else, 2016 has been a big year for me personally. I moved into my student house in Leeds, have gone through two jobs and started coaching a cheerleading team. And also came the birth of my blog.

Usually, I’m all one for moving forward. Lets live in the present and aim to improve our futures; the past cannot be changed so why look back? Sometimes it’s important to reflect on the good things. So here’s a stroll down memory lane looking back on the best bits of my blog from 2016.

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My Favourite Food Places in Leeds

Ahh Leeds! A city I’ve been lucky enough to call my home for nearly two years now – how time flies when you’re having fun.

Any spare money I have left over from my student loan goes on one of three things: alcohol (shamelessly student nights out are a priority), saving for travelling, or food. Specifically, eating out. There’s nothing nicer than having delicious food cooked for you whilst in good company.

So here’s a list of my favourite foodie places in Leeds guaranteed to get your tummies rumbling, taste-buds tingling and sort you out no matter what the occasion (not that there needs to be one).

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