Best Brunch Stops in Leeds

I’d say brunch is my favourite meal of the day, but in fact every meal is my favourite. I’m a huge foodie. There’s something just lovely about having a lie in followed by eating a delicious breakfast acceptably late though.

Brunch was not a meal I ate often before coming to uni. I was stuck in a tiny village back home unable to drive and commuter buses leaving only at 7am (which kind of defeats the whole point of brunch). I only every really ate dinner out, but oh boy I’d been missing out. So having had many brunch adventures in Leeds, here, in no particular order, are my top four brunch stops.

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Hatties Headingley: Review 

Freakshake, (noun) def: A big, sickly, exceedingly OTT, monstrous milkshake.

Sound like your kind of heaven? Hatties is a little independent cafe in Headingley, Leeds and they have just started selling these bad boys, so me and my two ex-housemates decided to make the trip. I think it’s safe to say it’s our new favourite hang out.

We went not only to try one of these mega-milkshakes, but also for brunch which was equally as scrumptious. Yes, I know what you’re wondering: how did we manage brunch and a milkshake fit for a king? We are piggies, okay. And although we left double the size we went in, it was 100% worth it. They also serve breakfast all day, so you can be exceedingly lazy and get your bacon and eggs at 2pm if you really want to.

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Revision Tips 101

It’s that wonderful time of year: exam season. Dun dun dun. 

If I’m totally honest, I’m drowning in revision. It’s only now when I sit back and look at the long lists of lectures I never attended that I wonder what I even did with this semester. I constantly felt busy, but busy doing what? Because it sure as hell wasn’t studying.

It’s quite comforting to know I’m not the only one whose attendance is worse (and probably the only thing that is worse) than my bank balance. Yesterday I found two of my housemates on the verge of a mental breakdown. They were fretting over the amount of content they had to cover, memorise, regurgitate for their exams on Friday. Anna rambled on about a little black cloud over her head and how positive thinking changed nothing because she still has a horrendous workload, while Alice simply cried on the sofa. Sound familiar?

Their helplessness made me question myself, why was I not stressed at all? When I realised: I’m pretty damn good at last minute revision. My current situation involves me learning semesters-worth of modules in two days, yet somehow I’m still on track for a first.

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Cambridge: Touring My Home Town 

I have lived in Cambridgeshire my whole life before coming to university in Leeds. And while Cambridge is a very famous, historical and beautiful city, I can’t say I ever really noticed. It’s so easy to miss what’s right under our noses.

On a trip back from from Leeds and dreading being bored back home, I decided it was about time to see what all the fuss is about. I became a Cambridge tourist for the day. And what I found did not disappoint.

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“Some Days You Have To Make Your Own Sunshine” 

We all have those meh days.

Those days when you drip your toothpaste down your perfectly ironed blouse. Those days when you go to collect your phone from charge and realise you forgot to switch it on at the wall. Those days when you have to run for the bus or trip up in front of a very large gathering of random strangers (or both, which would not seemingly be unlikely given the already terrible day you’re having).

Yes – for me today is one of those days.

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My Favourite Fitness Apps

It’s been a while since I’ve written a fitness related post (which may be due to my gym sessions not strictly going to schedule lately, shhhh...), but with it currently being the Easter break I’ve got a month uni-free and a chance to get back on track.

Despite my recent lack of gym days and imperfectly planned meals, my mobile phone has been constantly nudging me in the right direction. The direction I definitely want to be going in! But aside from the beeping notifications from my many-a-fitness apps making me tie up my hair and lace up my trainers, I don’t actually think I could complete my health and fitness goals without them now.

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20 Things University Has Taught Me

Having decided to decline my offer for a study abroad next year, today the sudden realisation hit me that my time at uni was almost over. Okay, not almost over, but I was already over halfway through. How could this be?!

As my end of second year creeps ever closer and the amount of catching up I need to do before my summer exams is becoming more evident, I thought to myself: What has university actually taught me? Because goddamn it it’s definitely not which drugs treat neurodegenerative diseases or how gastric acid secretion is regulated or the function of lactate dehydrogenase or anything else that I actually came here to learn.

The odd things university has taught me I can’t imagine having learnt anywhere else. And are somewhat unexpected. So here’s 20 things university has taught me so far:

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Should I stay or should I go?

After the lengthy application process and hours of googling and researching potential universities across the globe, my study abroad application was sent off and I waited tentatively to hear back.

This was months ago now. Since finding out I was accepted for the University of Western Australia in Perth (and if you’re debating going to Perth, definitely do it – you can find all about my road trip around WA here) I was filled with a feeling of both excitement, but dread. 

Was I really making the right decision? Should I accept my study abroad offer? Why was I even questioning it so much in the first place?

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Five Legitimate Hangover Remedies

It’s one week until tour!

“What’s tour?” I hear you ask. No, I’m not in some cool retro band travelling the globe (though that would be pretty cool). It’s sports tour time at uni, aka the funniest, drunkest, most ridiculous week of your life. Think girls holiday, but bigger and better.

Instead of you and your five best mates sauntering along the beach in your triangl bikinis catching a few rays before you hit the strip that night, think fifty girls. Think outrageous fancy dress. Think day drinking and games. Think punishment. You thought your sports team initiation was bad? Ha! Let’s just hope you’re not the last one to down you 2L bottle of cider your returner made you tape to your hand at 9am that morning.

And the best bit? Everyone’s just as crazy as you. Last year I witnessed a guy dressed as Jimmy Savile chase a guy dressed as a baby round the beach, my friend do our cheer routine in a banana costume and I came back to my hotel to find a drunk naked girl dressed as a troll doll asleep on my toilet. Tour is weird. But great. (But weird). 
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50 Random Facts About Me

I have been debating writing a post like this for a while, but a little voice has always been in the back of my mind erring me to not; would anyone really care to know random facts about me?

Well somehow I convinced myself that actually yes, yes they do.

One promise I made for my blog this year was to make my posts more personal. And what could be more personal than this? Probably nothing. The best thing about blogging is the community. I want to get to know you and engage with you and for you to know a smidge about me back.

I say a smidge… Having decided to sit down and write a list about me, before I knew it the facts were pouring out of my ears. Was it ten facts you were after? Twenty? Well, here’s a list of fifty.

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