Cambridge: Touring My Home Town 

I have lived in Cambridgeshire my whole life before coming to university in Leeds. And while Cambridge is a very famous, historical and beautiful city, I can’t say I ever really noticed. It’s so easy to miss what’s right under our noses.

On a trip back from from Leeds and dreading being bored back home, I decided it was about time to see what all the fuss is about. I became a Cambridge tourist for the day. And what I found did not disappoint.

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Should I stay or should I go?

After the lengthy application process and hours of googling and researching potential universities across the globe, my study abroad application was sent off and I waited tentatively to hear back.

This was months ago now. Since finding out I was accepted for the University of Western Australia in Perth (and if you’re debating going to Perth, definitely do it – you can find all about my road trip around WA here) I was filled with a feeling of both excitement, but dread. 

Was I really making the right decision? Should I accept my study abroad offer? Why was I even questioning it so much in the first place?

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A Guide To Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Throw it back to two years ago and I was an excitable nineteen year old packing my bags and researching everything I possibly could about Australia. I had a list as long as my arm of all the places I wanted to go, things I wanted to do and places I wanted to see; the prospect for adventure was exhilarating. I was going travelling.

From the eight months I spent in Australia (not nearly long enough), two months were spent with family living in Freshwater. Haven’t heard of it? Neither have most travellers. Freshwater is one of Sydney’s Northern Beaches, and I think they often go a miss.

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Five Must Do’s In Berlin This Winter

Ahh Germany! A country I have always wanted to visit yet with little time and money (student problems), it’s always managed to sneak away from me. Though with Christmas approaching and a very stressful semester one out the way I decided it was time; “Hold Christmas! Hold revision! Hold everything! I’m going to Berlin.”

And boy am I glad I did.

The first thing that took me by surprise was the size. For a capital city I don’t know why I was expecting it any other way, but the vastness of the city shocked me. And I’m no country bumpkin; I live in Leeds so city life if relatively normal to me. Thankfully the train network across the city was incredibly easy to use and great value (€7.70 for all zones until 3am the next morning – bargain).

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Campervanning Around WA

During my travels around Australia, two glorious weeks were spent in a camper van; she was the cheapest we could get our hands on, the bumpiest ride ever, yet she got us from A to B and we ended up loving her very much.

It meant we could wake up with breathtaking views on our doorstep every morning. And if that’s not a living the dream, then I don’t know what is.

Only having a two-week time frame with the camper van, this was the only part of my eight-month trip which was set to a strict schedule. We’d carefully sat down and planned our route before, and it was a stretch; to see all we wanted meant some days of endless driving and few breaks. Luckily for me (and unluckily for my friend) I can’t drive, so for me this was fine. I spent the ‘travel’ days singing at the top of my voice to the radio, reading my books, windows rolled down, hot breeze in my hair enjoying the never ending view of road and red soil.

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A Wee Visit To Glasgow

Having spent last weekend up at Glasgow for a training course (say hello to your newly qualified cheer coach, whoop whoop) I have come to the following conclusion: Glasgow is so underrated. From the buzz to the pretty buildings to the best curry I’ve ever had. Even the sunshine decided to keep us company the whole weekend (bar a few showers, but who’s really counting?).

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Escaping City Life

Leeds is my pride and joy. I feel so happy when people ask where I live that I can say Leeds; it’s one of the most vibrant, lively cities I know. So much is packed between Millennium Square and Call Lane you’ll always find something to do. This city is alive.

But born and raised a country girl in a village of less than four thousand, sometimes I miss the peace and quiet. I miss the greenery, the countryside, feeling close to nature. And finding time to escape city life can be hard; you live there, you work there, you study there, you breathe there. Luckily, hidden away in its urban landscape, Leeds hosts many gorgeous green spaces to step away into to recharge your batteries and appreciate once again the beauty of our planet (I’m turning all David Attenborough on you now).

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Solo Travel Down Under: A Beginners Guide

If there’s one place you haven’t been to in the world and should, it’s Aus. Everything about it I adore; the sunshine, the lifestyle, the beauty.

I was lucky enough to have eight glorious months in Australia last year and came home with not only a killer tan, but with friends for life, a newly found confidence and an Aussie twang to my voice I didn’t even realise I’d picked up. It was an amazing journey. When people ask who I went with many are surprised to learn it was a solo venture. And several of my friends or even friends of friends have asked me questions about it; where to go, what to do, how to go about it alone?

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Exploring York: An Afternoon In The City

There are two things I would like to say about York. Number one: the fudge is amazing. Eat and buy as much as you can because there’s none other quite like it (it lasts a good few months, I asked). Number two: I think I could live in York.

Having never been to York before, yet it only being about a twenty-minute drive from Leeds, last week I took the venture north and spent the day in the city. First thoughts were how much it reminded me of home. Not Leeds home. Home home. Back in Cambridge. It was very olde-worlde with little narrow streets and the river running through the centre. Picturesque.

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