20 Things University Has Taught Me

Having decided to decline my offer for a study abroad next year, today the sudden realisation hit me that my time at uni was almost over. Okay, not almost over, but I was already over halfway through. How could this be?!

As my end of second year creeps ever closer and the amount of catching up I need to do before my summer exams is becoming more evident, I thought to myself: What has university actually taught me? Because goddamn it it’s definitely not which drugs treat neurodegenerative diseases or how gastric acid secretion is regulated or the function of lactate dehydrogenase or anything else that I actually came here to learn.

The odd things university has taught me I can’t imagine having learnt anywhere else. And are somewhat unexpected. So here’s 20 things university has taught me so far:

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Should I stay or should I go?

After the lengthy application process and hours of googling and researching potential universities across the globe, my study abroad application was sent off and I waited tentatively to hear back.

This was months ago now. Since finding out I was accepted for the University of Western Australia in Perth (and if you’re debating going to Perth, definitely do it – you can find all about my road trip around WA here) I was filled with a feeling of both excitement, but dread. 

Was I really making the right decision? Should I accept my study abroad offer? Why was I even questioning it so much in the first place?

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Five Legitimate Hangover Remedies

It’s one week until tour!

“What’s tour?” I hear you ask. No, I’m not in some cool retro band travelling the globe (though that would be pretty cool). It’s sports tour time at uni, aka the funniest, drunkest, most ridiculous week of your life. Think girls holiday, but bigger and better.

Instead of you and your five best mates sauntering along the beach in your triangl bikinis catching a few rays before you hit the strip that night, think fifty girls. Think outrageous fancy dress. Think day drinking and games. Think punishment. You thought your sports team initiation was bad? Ha! Let’s just hope you’re not the last one to down you 2L bottle of cider your returner made you tape to your hand at 9am that morning.

And the best bit? Everyone’s just as crazy as you. Last year I witnessed a guy dressed as Jimmy Savile chase a guy dressed as a baby round the beach, my friend do our cheer routine in a banana costume and I came back to my hotel to find a drunk naked girl dressed as a troll doll asleep on my toilet. Tour is weird. But great. (But weird). 
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7 Tips: How Not To Stress

Stress. A feeling we all know too well.

That extra weight on your shoulders pulling you down; so many thoughts and worries ticking over in your head you can’t relax; that horrible anxious feeling at the pit of your stomach that you can’t quite shift. And that pull your hair out peak you hit right as you’re about to go over the edge. Sound familiar?

As you may have noticed my blog has been rather quiet for a while. I have felt a lot of pressure lately and my brain has been overwhelmed with things to do and how to prioritise. How am I supposed to complete work for five different deadlines, coach a cheerleading team, actively participate in two other cheer teams and manage two part time jobs, whilst staying on top of my finances (especially with it being Christmas and my student loan slowly diminishing), maintaining relationships in my life and looking after myself? That sentence was so long and confusing my mind aches just from reading it back.

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Student Survival Guide: Your First Year Of Uni

That time of year when eighteen year olds all across the nation put on their highest of high-heels and pick up the soon to be empty vodka bottle came about on Thursday of last week: A-Level results day. It’s a day of fate-deciding which is no longer in your hands; either you’d have been celebrating success or drowning your sorrows in attempt to forget that you may have to return to the college you’d hoped to leave far, very far, behind (either way, a great excuse for a drink).

Many will be looking forward to the next splash of fun and adventure on the horizon: uni. For most students, uni is the first time away from home. Think of the independence. The freedom. The ability to do exactly as you wish, when you wish, without the annoying nag from Mum about tidying your room or being back by two in the morning. Bliss. 

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Healthy Eating On A Student Budget

Who doesn’t love student life? Endless friends and possibilities to meet new people. The option to go out every night of the week. Living with your best pals. And the four months of endless summer is an extra perk. Sure, a little tiny smidge of studying is also involved, but out of a full time job and student life? We’d all choose the latter.

Despite our loans and overdrafts and student discount, nights out are always prioritised, bank balances shrivel and every day luxuries go out the window. I’d happily live off pasta and baked beans on toast for two weeks if it meant I could go on the ski trip and to the Christmas ball. And while I did attempt this for a while, my increasingly sluggish mood and even more rapidly increasing waistline made me take action.

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The Benefits Of Uni Societies

Tomorrow morning, I am making a four-hour trek from Leeds up to Glasgow to attend a cheerleading coaching course. If you’d asked me last year if I would be doing this? No way; it would seem like such a random question I’d probably have laughed.

Up until September last year I had never done cheerleading in my life; it was a society I started during my first year of university. And suddenly it hit me how different my uni experience would have been without it. So many of my memories are from cheer: one too many drunk nights out, cosy nights in, the excitement of competitions and the madness of tour (that story is for another time).

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How To Snazz Up Your Student Room

It’s no secret that student accommodation is very mediocre. It’s dull to say the least, lacking in personality and in certain need of a splash of colour and some oomph. But limited with the changes you can do to your room (and being on a student budget), it can be difficult to make it feel like home. Try these easy tips to transform your space into exactly that: your space. This plain room with blu-tac marked walls and beyond average furniture will soon become a cavern of personality that you’ll grow to love.

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