“Some Days You Have To Make Your Own Sunshine” 

We all have those meh days.

Those days when you drip your toothpaste down your perfectly ironed blouse. Those days when you go to collect your phone from charge and realise you forgot to switch it on at the wall. Those days when you have to run for the bus or trip up in front of a very large gathering of random strangers (or both, which would not seemingly be unlikely given the already terrible day you’re having).

Yes – for me today is one of those days.

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7 Tips: How Not To Stress

Stress. A feeling we all know too well.

That extra weight on your shoulders pulling you down; so many thoughts and worries ticking over in your head you can’t relax; that horrible anxious feeling at the pit of your stomach that you can’t quite shift. And that pull your hair out peak you hit right as you’re about to go over the edge. Sound familiar?

As you may have noticed my blog has been rather quiet for a while. I have felt a lot of pressure lately and my brain has been overwhelmed with things to do and how to prioritise. How am I supposed to complete work for five different deadlines, coach a cheerleading team, actively participate in two other cheer teams and manage two part time jobs, whilst staying on top of my finances (especially with it being Christmas and my student loan slowly diminishing), maintaining relationships in my life and looking after myself? That sentence was so long and confusing my mind aches just from reading it back.

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Why Being Single May Be The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Albeit, most things are better than my Morrison’s own-brand 50p brown bread (say hello to student life; bread luxuries’ are long gone!), but why is it the mention of the two words – I’m single – always meet the same response? Cue the pity face: bottom lip up, slight frown, and eyes burning that sympathy stare deep into your soul.

Having been *officially* single for two years, the pity face is a look I now know all too well. Granted, some of you may even be doing it now as you read this: “Oh bless her, she’s single” whispers the little voice in your head. Well I’ll let you into a little secret. Being single is fantastic. Don’t believe me? You probably haven’t been single long enough to realise how much you could love it.

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First Blog Post: How To Just Be Yourself

Ahh, here we go! The beginning of the beginning! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a tad nervous about putting myself out there. A few uncomfortable butterflies made their way into my tummy as I sat down at my keyboard this morning; what do I write!? And as my coffee cup got emptier and emptier yet my word doc remained just as blank I realised the staggeringly obvious: it doesn’t really matter.

Overthinking about how I may be perceived – will you like my first piece?  Will you judge me for this? How can I give you what you want? – defeats the point of my blog being, well, me. I couldn’t possibly put on an online persona and still make my writing sound convincing. So I’ll just be me and hope for the best. And suddenly that dingy little light bulb above my head lit up. An issue we all must have faced: how do you be your true self? And what does that even mean?

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