My Favourite Fitness Apps

It’s been a while since I’ve written a fitness related post (which may be due to my gym sessions not strictly going to schedule lately, shhhh...), but with it currently being the Easter break I’ve got a month uni-free and a chance to get back on track.

Despite my recent lack of gym days and imperfectly planned meals, my mobile phone has been constantly nudging me in the right direction. The direction I definitely want to be going in! But aside from the beeping notifications from my many-a-fitness apps making me tie up my hair and lace up my trainers, I don’t actually think I could complete my health and fitness goals without them now.

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Easy Food Swaps For A Healthier You

Was your New Year Resolution to be fit as a fiddle and this time next year have the body of a Victoria’s Secret model? With January already in full swing you may be realising actually this dream is a lot further from reach than anticipated. Motivation is already flailing. Energy is lacking. And really can you be bothered to drag yourself out of bed at 6.30am for the 6th day in a row? Only 359 more days to go! Wahoo..?

Honestly, this first week back into healthy eating and an actual fitness regime after Christmas has been a toughie. This morning my quads and glutes were seriously aching from an intense leg day on Wednesday; the temptation to stay in bed and convince myself ‘I clearly need a rest, my legs ache too much’ was large. Yes, my legs did ache. But today was arms and abs so really this was an irrelevant excuse. So I picked myself up and hit the gym once more.

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Get Your Health Back on Track

A New Year, a new start… right?

For me, this last week has been a non-stop cycle of all things cheese, chocolate and alcohol. In other words: Christmas. What else are the holidays for!

Unfortunately now all the festive fun is over, the pounds you’ve piled on the past fortnight are starting to dawn on you and the January blues are already in sight. The health and fitness goals you’ve been promising to set yourself in the New Year (primarily as an excuse to tuck into that extra tin of Quality Streets) seem a bit too far from reach. Why couldn’t Santa bring you a super speedy metabolism and incredible willpower?

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Healthy Eating On A Student Budget

Who doesn’t love student life? Endless friends and possibilities to meet new people. The option to go out every night of the week. Living with your best pals. And the four months of endless summer is an extra perk. Sure, a little tiny smidge of studying is also involved, but out of a full time job and student life? We’d all choose the latter.

Despite our loans and overdrafts and student discount, nights out are always prioritised, bank balances shrivel and every day luxuries go out the window. I’d happily live off pasta and baked beans on toast for two weeks if it meant I could go on the ski trip and to the Christmas ball. And while I did attempt this for a while, my increasingly sluggish mood and even more rapidly increasing waistline made me take action.

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