Best Brunch Stops in Leeds

I’d say brunch is my favourite meal of the day, but in fact every meal is my favourite. I’m a huge foodie. There’s something just lovely about having a lie in followed by eating a delicious breakfast acceptably late though.

Brunch was not a meal I ate often before coming to uni. I was stuck in a tiny village back home unable to drive and commuter buses leaving only at 7am (which kind of defeats the whole point of brunch). I only every really ate dinner out, but oh boy I’d been missing out. So having had many brunch adventures in Leeds, here, in no particular order, are my top four brunch stops.

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Hatties Headingley: Review 

Freakshake, (noun) def: A big, sickly, exceedingly OTT, monstrous milkshake.

Sound like your kind of heaven? Hatties is a little independent cafe in Headingley, Leeds and they have just started selling these bad boys, so me and my two ex-housemates decided to make the trip. I think it’s safe to say it’s our new favourite hang out.

We went not only to try one of these mega-milkshakes, but also for brunch which was equally as scrumptious. Yes, I know what you’re wondering: how did we manage brunch and a milkshake fit for a king? We are piggies, okay. And although we left double the size we went in, it was 100% worth it. They also serve breakfast all day, so you can be exceedingly lazy and get your bacon and eggs at 2pm if you really want to.

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Easy Food Swaps For A Healthier You

Was your New Year Resolution to be fit as a fiddle and this time next year have the body of a Victoria’s Secret model? With January already in full swing you may be realising actually this dream is a lot further from reach than anticipated. Motivation is already flailing. Energy is lacking. And really can you be bothered to drag yourself out of bed at 6.30am for the 6th day in a row? Only 359 more days to go! Wahoo..?

Honestly, this first week back into healthy eating and an actual fitness regime after Christmas has been a toughie. This morning my quads and glutes were seriously aching from an intense leg day on Wednesday; the temptation to stay in bed and convince myself ‘I clearly need a rest, my legs ache too much’ was large. Yes, my legs did ache. But today was arms and abs so really this was an irrelevant excuse. So I picked myself up and hit the gym once more.

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My Favourite Food Places in Leeds

Ahh Leeds! A city I’ve been lucky enough to call my home for nearly two years now – how time flies when you’re having fun.

Any spare money I have left over from my student loan goes on one of three things: alcohol (shamelessly student nights out are a priority), saving for travelling, or food. Specifically, eating out. There’s nothing nicer than having delicious food cooked for you whilst in good company.

So here’s a list of my favourite foodie places in Leeds guaranteed to get your tummies rumbling, taste-buds tingling and sort you out no matter what the occasion (not that there needs to be one).

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Easy Peasy Pancakes

Who says pancakes are just for pancake day?

Pancakes are quick and easy to whip up, taste delicious and are surprisingly cheap to make. Me and my housemate started making pancakes together (aww) and ‘Pancake Saturday’ soon made its way into out routine. As well as being affordable and tasty, as long as you don’t pile scoops of ice cream, glugs of maple syrup and lashings of cream, they can also be relatively healthy yet feel like a huge treat!

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Healthy Eating On A Student Budget

Who doesn’t love student life? Endless friends and possibilities to meet new people. The option to go out every night of the week. Living with your best pals. And the four months of endless summer is an extra perk. Sure, a little tiny smidge of studying is also involved, but out of a full time job and student life? We’d all choose the latter.

Despite our loans and overdrafts and student discount, nights out are always prioritised, bank balances shrivel and every day luxuries go out the window. I’d happily live off pasta and baked beans on toast for two weeks if it meant I could go on the ski trip and to the Christmas ball. And while I did attempt this for a while, my increasingly sluggish mood and even more rapidly increasing waistline made me take action.

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