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Here you’ll find all the latest posts on everything food. From recipes to the best places to eat to tips and tricks for eating on a budget. If you’re a foodie, this is the category for you!


Want to hear about my latest trip to some far away exotic place? Or maybe just how I spent my weekend exploring York and experiencing the best of the UK? I also offer tips and advice for other travellers.


Are you into your health and fitness? From tips, tricks and advice on how to reach your health goals, getting back on track and easy healthy swaps you can make, to my personal progress! I’m currently doing Kayla Itsines’ BBG and am training to run 10k.


Student life can sometimes be hard. I’m currently a student studying Human Physiology at the University of Leeds. For all my advice on surviving first year, sticking to your budget and avoiding hangovers, check out this category!


One thing often overlooked when it comes to being healthy is that a healthy mind is equally (if not more) important than an exercise regime and good nutrition. These are a selection of posts written when I’ve been feeling particularly motivational giving tips on living a happier lifestyle.


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